Hawaiian Flower Buying Guide


Its shape resembles a rose bud and is actually a cone of bracts surrounding the true flower. Types of hawaiian flowers are easy to care for. There are also varieties call beehive ginger due to their shape. Only certain birds are able to access the nectar because of their specialized beaks.

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New growth appears from the base of the plant and soon produces spikes on which the flowers bloom. Ti leaves can be kept in water like any flower stem. Taro was an important plant for the ancient Hawaiians. Black-eyed Susan is a native of Africa.

Hawaii Flora

However, it needs a fence or trellis for support, as well as well-watered soil. Hala leaf can be kept in water. These introduced species are also called invasive species. They are mostly native to parts of Asia. The plant has deep purple flowers with red flower buds and green leaves with a silvery underside. The remarkable part of the anthurium is not an actual flower but a bract from which the flowers emerge. Purple arc an Lady Jane anthurium are used to make corsages. Lantana is a shrub that blooms continuously. The stems are thick so use a sharp knife to cut about an inch off the bottom of the stem. Ti is used in everything from flower arranging, lei making and hula skirts to cooking.

We have also included a guide to tropical foliage. The seeds are used for making leis and musical instruments, such as rattle-beads. They bloom most in the summer months and flower production can slow in the winter. The main characteristic of the 'ohi'a tree is its orange-red flower types of hawaiian flowers it can also types of hawaiian flowers yellow or white. The smaller size makes them easier to propagate in nurseries and greenhouses. The Persian Shield grows well in Hawaii, but prefers shade. Bougainvillea grow well in a hot and dry climate. They are also sold as cut flowers. It grows to a height of up to 6 feet 1.

The plant, which is native to China, thrives in Hawaii. The flowers bloom each day around sunset. Like many tropical flowers used in Hawaiian flower arranging the beauty and color is found in the bract of the plant from which tiny flowers emerge.

An Astounding List of Hawaiian Flowers With Names And Pictures

They bloom with a set of tiny spikes, each with a flower. Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Pots and Containers. Also called pandanus these long, narrow and variegated leaves grow on the hala tree. Our Hawaiian Flower Guide would not be complete without a worldwide favorite, orchids.

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Blue Ginger has shiny green leaves and nice purple-blue flowers. Glory Bush Tibouchina urvilleana. The Shrimp Plant is known for its interesting blossoms, which overlap and have an intense orange-red color.


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