Interesting Facts About the Southern Magnolia


Magnolias come in a wide array of cultivars that can accommodate the scale of any garden, from foot shrubs to massive trees that can reach heights of 80 feet or more. Interesting Magnolia Tree Facts Magnolia has brown or southern magnolia tree facts bark that is smooth when the plant is young. Interesting Facts About the Southern Magnolia. In Southern fruit-producing woody plants used by wildlife.

Evergreen Southern Magnolia - Magnolia Grandiflora - How to grow Bull Bay Magnolia

Known as an aesthetically charming unofficial representative of the southern United States, the Southern magnolia is also an official representative of Mississippi. On the West Coast, it can be grown as far north as the Seattle area, though cooler summers on the West Coast slow growth compared to the East Coast. Arbor Hills agrees to replace any tree or shrub we have planted if it fails within one year of planting unless other wised noted. Other areas, where different Magnolia tree types are brought into use, include furniture, cabinets, and associated woodwork. In , schoolchildren again voted for the Southern magnolia, this time as their state tree, and legislation was passed making it the official state tree of Mississippi.

Magnolia Tree Facts

On deciduous varieties, the flowers open in early spring before the leaves appear, emerging from large pussy-willow-like buds that set during the previous growing season and remain throughout fall and winter. They are dark green, stiff and leathery, and often scurfy underneath with yellow-brown pubescence. The seeds of this tree are shaped in long follicles, approximately 7 to 8 inches in length, and split open during the fall. Bird of Paradise Plant Care. Interesting Magnolia Tree Facts Magnolia has brown or grey bark that is smooth when the plant is young. Farther south, it is grown more widely in Delaware , much of the Chesapeake Bay region in Maryland , and much of eastern Virginia. Magnolia grandiflora Plant List: How to Maintain a Swimming Pool. Lumber from all three species is simply called magnolia, which is used in the construction of furniture, boxes, pallets, venetian blinds, sashes, and doors and used as veneers. Usually grows on acidic soils that are rich in nutrients, in areas that provide enough moisture and direct sunlight.

The timber bf45-11ks hard and heavy, and has been used commercially to make furniture, pallets, and veneer. In Southern fruit-producing woody plants used by wildlife. Magnolia has brown or grey bark that is smooth when the plant is young. Facts about this huge tree with drop-dead gorgeous flowers state that it is because of its beauty and grandeur that it deserves the place bestowed to it in stories and songs. Throughout the southern magnolia tree facts and summer, the large flowers of the Southern magnolia tree open and release their strong, pleasant fragrance, reminiscent of lemons. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Laurel magnolia, [5] evergreen magnolia, [3] large-flower magnolia southern magnolia tree facts big laurel are alternative names. Natural Ecosystems and Native Species.

Reagan gifted a cutting to his Chief of Staff Howard Baker upon his retirement, and Michelle Obama donated a seedling to the "people's garden" of the U. Trees for architecture and landscape.

Magnolia tree Facts

Magnolia can live more than years. Magnolia Tree Facts Magnolia trees are diverse in leaf shape and plant form, and they include both evergreen and deciduous sorts. Color of the flower depends on the species and it can be white, yellow, pinkish, purple and green.

Southern Magnolia Tree

An average leaf can southern magnolia tree facts up to 10 inches. He did not select a type specimen. Particularly if you have a garden that is too small to handle this big tree, choosing a cultivar, such as "Little Gem" means you can still enjoy the beauty and scent of this evergreen.


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