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We got in trouble for talking when we didn't have customers and weren't allowed to have any tattoos sunflower columbus ms piercings visible. The worst part if get stuck with the bagger position is the Deli clean up we got once a week and on a Sunday, which is when you well clean up after they cook like dishes, mopping, cleaning, trash, etc. Claimed Profile Review this company. Sunflower columbus ms do love to deal with the public.

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Overall though, I am thankful I had the opportunity to be a cashier at their store and thankful for the experience i gained while working there. Laid back, fun employees. Will often get less than that so good part-time job and to gain cashier experience. This job is not hard and what I enjoy the most is meeting new people everyday. Only get 25 hours max a week.

Sunflower Food Store

So I moved to Memphis to go back to school to have a good life and I did. A good place to work. Productive place to work. It was fun to work there! I like the job overall but if someone is eligible for a raise, then they should get it. I learned to manage my money from the terrible pay and the hours, you literally have to "hustle" people for hours to make a decent pay check but the good part is as long as you do not get overtime you can get as many as you want not just a maximum of 25 like at most places. I worked under a good manager was an all around manager help the best way he can. Everyone that came in and out was very friendly! Claimed Profile Review this company.

A typical day at work for me would be getting started immediately sunflower columbus ms my day to day tasks. I am very friendly and outgoing and love helping and being around others. They all mention that I am a people person. Claimed Sunflower columbus ms Review this company. There are a great deal of negative things I can say about this company such as low pay and no hours but this company is loyal. This was my first job and i love it. Want to know more about working here? I just don't feel appreciated for everything that I do.

It was a great Job, I enjoyed working with this company, I only moved for better opputunities. Want to know more about working here?

Sunflower Food Store

Everyone is very friendly and we all get along great. Management needs to improve but overall good people to work with. Want to know more about working here? Great Place to Work Part-time.

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Only get 25 hours max a week. Sunflower columbus ms was still getting they money back regardless of the fact. Want to know more about working here? I would have to say it was about 3 out of 5 rating.


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