How to Make a Diaper Bouquet


We need to hide the foam ball in between each diaper roll. I was thinking about using wood koob sticks as they are pointed on one end. Thanks again and your talent shines in this project!!

Baby Diaper Bouquet - Diaper Cake (Tutorial)

Once you have filled all empty spaces it will look like this. I'll add that info into the tutorial to give everyone an idea of how many diapers to purchase. Judy Reply March 6, at

Diaper Bouquet

I used it as a starting point to make a diaper bouquet for a friend of mine recently. My skewers were about ish inches long after a snapped them off. Any brand of diapers will work for this bouquet, but I used Pampers Swaddlers. I will try to respond much more quickly. You can also hot glue the foam ball to the mouth if the fit seems precarious and you want to give it a little extra hold so it doesn't fall apart, however this will make it so the vase is pretty much non re-usable. Hiness58 April 19, at I think I've made about of these this way and have never had any of the diapers fall off. When you stab the skewers in, do it as straight as possible, without wiggling, and don't try to reposition it once you've stuck it in, as this loosens the hole area.

You will actually cut the how to make a diaper bouquet in half right at the lotus inn menu. If you are writing a round up and want to use a photograph from this blog, you may use only one photo, do not remove the watermark, provide a clear and easily seen link back to the post near the image and give clear and easily seen photo credit. Genevieve More posts by Genevieve. Patricia A Mistretta Reply September 2, at It was easy how to make a diaper bouquet follow. Here is a step by step on how to make one yourself. Notify me of new posts by email. Here is what I did to re-create the diaper bouquet. Since the twins are premature, they're a bit small so getting the right diaper fit is a challenge.

It turned out great. For our activity, I created tags that could be placed onto the bath fizzies Read more.

Hi Judy, Since you have made this, why 75 diapers and only 38 dowels? Carrie June 5, at 6: Videos From My Other Posts. Peggy Reply September 6, at

Handmade diaper stroller

Everything smells good and it honestly makes me feel like a good mom when using these non toxic products on my boys. If you keep the dowels their original length they will be way too long. Cathy, I do not have any tulle on this bouquet. I just found the vase and foam ball at Walmart.


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