50 Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre


Look for examples of the exact kind of dye job that you want. To speak to a lavender hair color expert, drop our Schwarzkopf Advisory Service a line on freephone UKIreland or send us the lavender hair color via the contact form here. Super textured, layered long bobs will always look good, no matter the hair color. Got a colour question? Was this article helpful?

Blonde to Silver Lavender Hair Transformation

The great thing about purple hair is that you can go extremely light and soft, and still have a unique color. Keeping the roots dark saves you salon visits, and the combo of the relaxed half knot at the crown and loose curls is a soft and effortless look. This look is simple, with just solid lavender locks dyed all the way through.

Lavender Hair Inspiration

This fruity purple balayage hair is vivid and attention grabbing. This is the perfect look for a human mermaid! This gorgeous gradient begins dark gray, and slowly the color fades into a smoky lavender, with bright lilac tips. The hand painted lavender and indigo dyes combine to give depth and lushness to this crown fishbraid style. The purple starts off very dark at the roots, and fades into a bright grapefruit pink, with lilac as a transition shade. This mixture of violet and lavender hair colors in this look reminds me of a beautiful and fragrant spring garden. To ensure healthy hair, the roots were kept natural. This purple hair color melt features warm lilac, cool lavender, and a touch of ashy grey on beautiful big curls that are always in style.

While a lot of lavender hairstyles are quite lavender hair color, you can also go all out by adding neon pink to your metallic lavender lavender hair color This purple hairstyle shows how well rose pink, indigo, and lilac purple blend together, in a loosely wavy balayage style. You want your hair to look good not only when you leave the salon, but also a few weeks afterwards when some of the color has faded. The soft, loose curls work quite well with the shiny hair color. Semi-updos are extra cheeky when the roots are kept a darker shade, like in this violet and lavender ombre hairstyle. This painted look mixes so many lavender and lavender hair color hair colors together, that it almost ceases to look like hair and starts looking like light shining on an oil spill. Alternatively you can also email us at consumer. Even though just a tiny touch of lavender runs through this cool collection of colors, it gives everything a pop of brightness that really stands out.

Just start off with dark indigo roots, let them fade into a lighter purple towards the end, and add a touch of lavender dye by hand, and the effect is ethereal and space agey. Lavender and purple hairstyles are perfect for longhaired wannabe mermaids.

Select the "Accept" message below to close this disclaimer. Remember when those roots do start to appear, only lighten your natural root colour - no need to do your entire head of hair. The effect is fresh and excellent for summer.


Curling the ends adds an extra touch of sophistication. Here are some purple hair maintenance tips:. Select the "Accept" message below to close this disclaimer. Going neutral is always safe, but if you want to look like a real makeup maven, a bold green smokey lavender hair color could be really stylish.


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