Purple Orchid


Inclined to grow as shrub with many stems. Orchid-tree should be grown in full sun on well-drained soil. A close-up of our tree's stamens is shown below:. Original publication purple orchid tree November Occasional pruning during the life of the tree will help maintain a nice, neat appearance.

How to Propagate Orchid Tree

Once established the Purple Orchid tree is drought tolerant making it an excellent tree choice for all of Southern California and the Southwest Region. So, was this white-flowered tree the other commonly planted orchid tree, Bauhinia purpurea? In the Tropical South, give some afternoon shade; when unshaded, blooms tend to shrivel during the day.

orchid TREE

Native to tropical and southern Africa. Brick-red to orange, 2- to 3 inches flowers, as spectacular as those of bougainvillea, spring to fall. You can see the white-flowered tree's eight-inch-long fruit 20cm below:. Deciduous, Evergreen, Shrubs, Trees. Staked and pruned, becomes attractive tree to feet tall and wide. Gray-green leaves tend to drop off around bloom time, but the tree does not lose all of its foliage. Semi-deciduous in warm areas, fully in cool areas. It bears beautiful fragrant flowers abundantly in late winter and early spring and intermittently through summer. Bauhinia variegata Orchid tree bloom and seed pod. Click image to enlarge.

Street tree, shade tree, specimen purple orchid tree focal tree in tropical and subtropical landscapes. Branches can be induced to grow roots if they are layered, either by burying a section in the ground, or scarring a small section and then wrapping it with damp sphagnum moss and enclosing in a plastic bag. Excerpt from Jim Conrad's Naturalist Newsletter. Attractive, purple orchid tree green leaves. Semi-deciduous in warm areas, fully in cool areas. These medium-sized trees offer many landscape uses, shade, privacy and focal being some. Bears beautiful fragrant flowers abundantly Feb. I've always been partial to the genus Bauhinia because it's an easy Bean-Family member to identify.

The Bauhinia pupurea offers a spectacular showy blooming cycle each and every year. It is a somewhat larger tree, evergreen with large thick leaves and striking purplish red flowers. Below, you can see one in full bloom.

Purple Orchid Bauhinia purpurea. But, Bauhinias have those nice leaves with shallow clefts at their apexes, looking like a cow's hoof-print, almost yelling out the tree's identity. So, now we know that there's considerable difference in flower color in this much-planted tropical tree from southeastern Asia. Staked and pruned, becomes attractive tree to feet tall and wide.

Orchid tree - grow and care (Flowering tree)

A close-up of its four-inch-wide, rose-colored flowers and one of its curious, cow-foot-shaped leaves is above. Occasional pruning during the life of the tree purple orchid tree help maintain a nice, neat appearance. Grows to 20 feet high and wide; umbrella-type habit.


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