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It was my baby and I really liked it. I have two of these growing full sun in Houston and they're huge and lacy tree philodendrons thriving! This is a great houseplant that can easily be cut back if it gets too large. I bought a plant in and placed it under some trees in my backyard.

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The Lacy tree philodendron reacts quickly when something is wrong, but the plant turns around just as quickly when you correct the situation. It requires some amount of time and effort. Anchors Lacy tree philodendron is also called anchor philodendron because it produces long, ropelike aerial roots near the base.

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Cut the hood or shroud of the flower off about two or three inches down when it opens, Make sure you are going to have another open flower on another plant to put the pollen on. I love the roots that pop over the soil Can you please help? When I moved a year and a half ago, it got very badly damaged, and I lost most of the folige. I just bought one of these at a garage sale. If you have space and morning light, you'll find this is a great starter houseplant. On Aug 17, , saywhat12 from Houston, TX wrote: It took me quite a while to figure out where that heavenly fragrance was coming from in the air at night time. Phil was given to me 28 years ago by my best friend when she moved from Florida to California. I notice if they are out in the open they will completely get zapped to the ground, but they always seem to

I took it home and dug a shallow groove into which I laid in one side of the L, the other side pointing straight upwards, attached to a lacy tree philodendrons. I put it outside in the spring and leave it there all year. If the sap gets on you, it leaves a stain. And many lacy tree philodendrons to dig out. I would like to keep the original plant looking pretty. The little shoot grew so huge to what I have now. She had it since before Lacy tree philodendrons was born. I got this as a house plant, and I hate houseplants so I planted it outdoors and it really took off. I have a beautiful specimen in my front yard that has grown to about 15 feet tall and has leaves the size of my 32 gallon yard waste trash cans. I had one of these plants for many years.

As time went on, it just died but something told me not to throw it away. After it settled in, it quickly started growing numerous huge leaves.

For some reason, they only seem to produce fragrance at night and the fragrance is similar to magnolias but even better! If the areal roots wander out of the pot, tuck them back in or wind them loosely around the soil in the top of the pot. The braces that this plant puts out for support started under my siding and into one of my shutters. I have a tree philodendron and would like to root another one from it.

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Post a comment about this plant. It looked like an incredibly large sausage, bent almost into an L shape. Then it like died off and this lacy tree philodendrons shoot started growing.


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