The 10 Best Succulents You Can Grow Indoors


Succulent plants are beloved by many for a reason. In general people like to help those who are interacting with them hanging succulent plant identification are involved in that community. We rounded up 10 of our favorite succulents that thrive inside and make the perfect green addition to any room. Upload your photo as part of your post.

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See if the majority of the photos there look like your succulent. Overlapping, gray-green or gray-blue leaves grow up to 3 feet long. Long, pointed leaves grow with patterned markings reminiscent of a snake. Most hail from Mexico, where they grow in full sun.

3 Ways to Identify Your Succulents

Once you get a name… Something to keep in mind, once you have been given the name of your plant do a quick search on Google images for that name. Listen to this blog post! Always be sure to thank the people that have replied with suggestions! Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings. Rooting new plants around the base of a plant creates the look of a shrubby thicket. Generally people on this forum respond pretty quickly and sometimes reply in just a few minutes. How to Propagate Succulents. Ponytail palms grow slowly, reaching feet indoors. To prune, pinch off stem segments where necessary to keep the plant stubby. Don't let the plant stand in water.

Don't let the plant stand in water. Or move your plants outdoors to a shaded hanging succulent plant identification in summer and leave them out as temperatures fall. This low-maintenance houseplant is a favorite one to gift. Snake Plant This succulent can take a beating. While some types of succulents have somewhat exacting care requirementsmost are easy to grow because hanging succulent plant identification evolved with special water-storage tissues that allow them to survive in environments that are too dry for most other plants. This succulent is the perfect houseplant for a neglectful gardener because it doesn't need a lot of watering. Here are three easy ways to get more succulent for your buck. Click here to join the Succulents and Sunshine Community on Facebook and get help with identification.

It's a member of the Euphorbia genus that includes many ornamental plants such as the poinsettia. Knowing what types of succulents you own can help you better care for them because not all types of succulents need the exact same care. Aloe Vera The healing sap of this familiar medicinal plant has been used for centuries to treat wounds and sunburn.

Keep it in direct sunlight or the greatest amount of light possible. Repotting is seldom necessary because of the small root system, but if you do repot, use a mix for cactus or well-draining potting soil. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It doesn't need fertilizer, but if you insist you can apply once a year.

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Although it can be pruned, panda plant seldom needs grooming except to remove any wayward stems. Instead, hanging succulent plant identification a couple pictures once a week or every couple of days. The ponytail palm doesn't look like a succulent, even though it is related to the agave plant. With the right info, succulents are easy to care for, and succulent gardens and terrariums can brighten any indoor space.


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