Growing Lavender


Its first documented use was by the Romans in 77 A. Keep in mind that lavender prefers to live in the garden or in a pot outdoors. So, just cut them, place them in a vase, bottle, basket whatever!

Planting and Growing Lavender

I planted hidcote and munstead. Put lots of small stones or pot shards in the bottom for drainage. Make sure that if there is a saucer on your pot, it sits elevated.

Planting & Care

Unsubscribe at any time. I think it is a variety of english lavender. Yes, the winter weather has been a roller coaster here of warmth, then cold, then snow, then warmth, then you get it! Prevent weeds by mulching with a light-colored mulch like shells or gravel. Put lots of small stones or pot shards in the bottom for drainage. Avoid placing lavender filled containers against walls and fences. Water lavender if there is a drought. Do not cut into the hardwood.

Lavender is a bushy, strong-scented perennial plant from the Mediterranean. Lavender is a perennial herb. Lavender will thrive when properly planted. The farm is located in Zone 7b and lavender overwinters just fine. I top dressed with pea gravel. Will they just be a little confused until I get them on a potting soil for lavender regime of deep waterings and drying out, but not completely dry? Harvesting Lavender The lavender varieties that grow well in our area will bloom from about Memorial Day to July 4th. What potting soil for lavender you want to read next?

Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting. If the graying foliage is bothersome, working from the base of the plant with your hands with open fingers, pull upwards stripping the dried leaves from the plant.

Growing Lavender in Containers

Growing Lavender in Containers Selecting Your Pot Select a container for your outdoor potted lavender plant that is large enough to allow it at least 8-inches on all sides to grow and provide some extra soil for water retention. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting. How much sun now? Fertilize your potted lavender plant with liquid fertilizer every other time you water, unless you added worm castings.

Growing Lavender Indoors

Select a container that is light in color to reflect sunlight. The task can always wait a while since lavender requires consistent warmth, and potting soil for lavender nearing 80 degrees, to send out potting soil for lavender spring growth. Wrap the pot with a layer of bubble wrap and burlap or similar. If you are concerned about winter survival, protect the plants by covering with a straw mulch until the danger of extremely cold temperatures has passed.


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