Growing Snake Plants


I love their spicy look, how they filter the air we breath, and most of all they are low maintenance. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. I felt I was over-watering, but maybe it wasn't happy with the light.

Snake Plant - Top 10 houseplants ?? ??

Thank you for well-received pointers! Water very little in winter or in a cool air-conditioned room. Sometimes when plants get oder, their growth rate can slow. The good news is that Snake Plants are tough.

Sansevieria AKA Snake Plant: How to Care for this Diehard Houseplant

Thanks for the useful information. Any ideas on how to heal them? Thanks so much for sharing this. If possible, one week is better. SH Sharon Huggins Jun 5, Can these be removed and planted separately? It also stoppen the new sprout from growing. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Excited for my future with my snake plant. Let the pot surface feel dry to the touch before watering in spring and summer.

I was gone from my home for almost five months. Bird nest varieties can have some pink color to them. It also received 38 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Use room temperature water. If yours is how to care for snake plant in low light, transplanting every years will be fine. Your article mentions a mix of succulent and regular potting mix works best. Sansevieria plants are one of the oldest of houseplants, being kept by the ancient Chinese in homes. How versatile they are! The lower the light, the less often you water them.

It's taking it's time, but slowly but surely it's gonna make it. Thank you for the very informative and clear video.

Sansevieria is poisonous to pets, and potentially toxic to cats in particular. SG Sadie Gacho Jan 14, It could still be alive 40 years later …! Snake Plants are easy going with their soil nutrients requirements.

Snake Plant Propagation in Water and Soil by Leaf Cuttings (Sansevieria)

I have had to remove a few leaves…I have a fan blowing on the soil to try and dry it out…I will be heart broken if I how to care for snake plant it…. Sometimes when plants get oder, their growth rate can slow. AW Ann Wanamaker Jul 22, Hello from the shores of Georgian Bay Ontario Canada ….


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